Baby Vegetables

This is a very modern classification of vegetables that include vegetables which are either created with hybrid varieties or are picked up before maturity. These vegetables are rarely peeled as they are quite attractive and one would not like to lose the appeal.
Baby Vegetables-Tiny turnips, baby cauliflower, baby carrots, and baby squashes

“Baby” is an abused word in the vegetable world. Take baby spinach. … Baby spinach is a small-sized version of conventional flat-leaf spinach. It’s not a baby. It’s a shrimpy but mature adult, the spinach equivalent of a toy poodle.
The term “baby vegetable” is, depending on the variety, either accurate or a misnomer. Some baby vegetables are indeed smaller or immaturely harvested versions of mature corn, bok choy, cucumbers, and onions; others are new, distinct varieties bred to be more tender and delicate than their full-size counterparts.

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